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What is Artspark?

New Arts Groups For Talented Young People…

ArtSpark has been set up by Caerphilly Arts Development Service. It is funded by the Arts Council of Wales and Caerphilly Arts Development Service.
The aim of ArtSpark is to identify young people showing interest and potential in Dance, Drama, Film & Digital Media and Visual Arts, and to ignite their passion through special workshops with professional artists.

Membership of an ArtSpark group is a bit like being part of a Junior County Rugby team or playing in a County Youth Orchestra – but in this case the scheme identifies talented young artists. Instead of having extra sports or instrumental coaching, selected children are encouraged to develop their creative skills through a series of special workshops, usually once a term, with top quality tutors. These will take place on one day at the weekend and give the opportunity to meet other young people with similar interests, arts professionals working in the field and create an opportunity to learn about a whole range of artistic skills.